NETTALI: Life-Stories beyond Statistics on SDG

NETTALI: Life-Stories beyond Statistics on SDG

Organisation: SenStopEBola (Senegal)

Publication Date: 06/18/2015



What are we solving? In the year 2000, the United Nations developed Millennium Development Goals to meet the needs of the world’s poorest people. While the MDG was specific and useful tools, most of the countries concerned failed to achieve them. In preparation of Rio+20 many studies and research were made to evaluate the impact of MDG and find success stories. Beyond data and statistics, few stories were available to prove the impact on people daily life. No mechanism were in placed to make the beneficiaries report on why the MDG matter on their daily life or to attest successful projects, or in other words: to simply share their stories on their own words and in useful format for media professionals, researchers, policymakers, analysts and UN organisations. With the power of new technologies how can we address this for SDG and have daily feedbacks for the next 15 years and build incredible source of data from beneficiaries for impact measurement purposes, reporting on issues and addressing challenges. What solution are we providing? A multiplatform tool aggregated in an interactive map for people to share their impact stories related to the 17 sustainable development goals without barrier of languages and technical knowledge. On the final version of the app, anyone willbe able to report on his own native language (including Africa dialects) with internet connected devices. The data is categorized on one of the 17 goals with Search capabilities on a useful format for Media, Researchers, Analysts and Policymakers. ALL TOGETHER, FOR A BETTER FUTURE in 2030.

Technologies used for this project:

HTML 5, OpenStreet Map, Geocoding Technologies


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