No Money For A Fake

No Money For A Fake

Organisation: Aos Fatos (Brazil)

Publication Date: 04/08/2018


False news gives money to websites. That's because websites that propagate them take advantage of ad engines that pay for print numbers. More clicks, more money. “No money for a fake” want to break this cycle. We will create, with the help of readers, a fake news URLs blacklist. This will guide our target audience, the advertising platforms, so they don’t give ad money to fake news websites. With an browser extension, web users will be able to flag if the news exposed in that URL is true or false. This signage will serve to rank the news that will be verified by the fact-checkers. Then, journalists will create a fake news URLs website. If an ad was printed on that URL, it will not be paid for advertising platforms. Yes, the platforms will charge the advertiser, because the ad was printed. But they would not pass this revenue to the site that propagated fake news. This would be specified in the contract. Part of that money would go to the platforms, and part to the fact-checkers who would check the news.

Technologies used for this project:

We created an API that receives posts from an extension and provides a list of URLs marked as potentially false in an administration panel where a journalist can validate whether the news is false or true. Once the news is validated as false, it is available in another API endpoint as a blacklisted URL. These URLs will not to be remunerated by advertising platforms. The API was made using Python and Django, and the extension was made in the native model of Firefox extensions with possible compatibility with Google Chrome, using Javascript, HTML and CSS.
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