The Norwegian Debt Chrisis

The Norwegian Debt Chrisis

Publication Date: 04/10/2015



By going through anonymized data from the collection agency Experian, VG revealed that Norwegian’s never had more overdue payments, in spite of high salaries and a low unemployment rate. Together with the dataset delivered from Experian, we combined these with municipality data from Statitistics Norway and could then create journalism based on our findings. We used multiple data tools to evaluate the data, including regular programming, mySql and R. The complete dataset was put into CartoDB to easily see geographical differences. We also, based on the data, made a few extra tools and apps for our readers. First we made a counter for use on the VG front and articles which calculated the total overdue payments. An example can be seen a bit down in this article: Or as an isolated feature here: We also created a “How to get out of the debt” web-app, it can be seen here: or in Google Translate (with some weird translations) Finally, we also created a new comment-field, filtering out all but the most relevant comments, as can be seen here: Our findings were released both as regular journalism and opened through our web feature, which can be found here: The articles can be found here:

Technologies used for this project:

Excel, Mysql, R, PHP, JavaScript (Highcharts), CartoDB, MapBox. An of course HTML and CSS. Open norwegian public data from the national census bureau and Map Office.
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