Organisation: Público + Bright Pixel (Portugal)

Publication Date: 05/31/2018


We often comment on our friends social media activity. But do players and other sports people do the same? They certainly do... Offside is a platform that goes through the social media activity between players and makes it available in an easily understandable visual format. It answers questions such as: "Is the team captain the one that comments the most on the other teammates’ accounts?" "Do the players in two different countries interact much?" Or "At what time of the day do they post more?" With it, we aim to stand out from other news organizations covering global sports competitions such as the upcoming World Cup. At the same time, we offer a more humane side of the player to the readers, breaking away from their goals and fault stats. From the journalists point of view it is useful because it allows to find stories that were hidden on the comments section of the social media accounts and also annalyse the general sentiment expressed towards the figure. The idea is to embed this page in the pulishers area devoted to the competition they are covering in a certain moment. Let us say we are talking about the World Cup, then the target audience is someone that is curious enough to land on that page, but does not need to be a Worl Cup fanatic. Journalists are also a target, for this makes their life easier in terms of potential stories detection. That is why, anytime our system detects a new interaction, the journalist receives a push up warning.

Technologies used for this project:

To scrape the data from Instagram we are using PHP. Then to annalyse it we are trusting on Neo4j (the tool used in projects such the Panama Papers and Offshore Leaks). Then Cypher Query was used to extract useful information from all the content. The platform's front-end is built using Jekyll.


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