One out of five Spanish towns use bulls in their popular celebrations

One out of five Spanish towns use bulls in their popular celebrations

Organisation: El Pais (Spain)

Publication Date: 04/07/2017


Size of team/newsroom:large


Equipo Exprés (JAVIER GALÁN, JOSÉ MANUEL ABAD LIÑAN, DAVID ALAMEDA) has analyzed and mapped every Spanish municipality using bulls as part of their popular celebrations out of the official bullfighting arenas. We discovered that, in 2015, one out of five (more than 20% of the 8.124 entities), did it. The tradition displays a variety of 'festejos' (popular celebration), ranging from ‘encierros’ (running of the bulls) to ‘correbous’ (bull with fireballs), and spreads from Andalusia to Catalonia. We included an interactive map showing name, location and date of them all. (Tell us more about your project: What is it and what topic does it address? What goals does it achieve? For which audience? If applicable, give us an overview of the monetization plan of your project. )

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We contacted with every region government in order to get the info so that we can create the database. 16 out of 17 gave us a detailed list of the date and location of 16,383 celebrations. One did not. Our article described each type of Spanish popular bullfighting event. EL PAÍS bullfighting correspondent wrote an expert opinion article. A third article on the unknown history of the tradition was published. The fact of quantifying regional rooting of such a cultural manifestation was followed by a huge anti-bullfighting concentration. The coverage of bullfighting in the media usually lacks of an objective, scientific-based perspective. We planned to use data journalism to both quantify and qualify the reality of this activity, particularly in one of the most significant aspects, the popular tradition. The newsstory was included in the second place in EL PAÍS home page and reached a huge audience.

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