Organisation: kabarmakassar.com (Indonesia)

Publication Date: 05/14/2016



In Makassar, academic social problem that turn into antipolicy than offer a benefit academic concept and implementative that can be adopted by public, become the background of Orasi Ki Orasi kI is an app that suppose to give more space for journal, academic articles and etc to be populer not only in academic's world but ini citizen. So, this app can help journal writer, researcher to distribute their research to online media. They can submitt their journal ini this app by registartion. Thus, by redaction team will rewriting their research into news (journalism style) in order to make easy reading for public By Orasi Ki, The media can support academic purpose, by given then space to publish their research.

Technologies used for this project:

Orasi Ki app is using Framework PHP Based CakePHP 2.X and data base MySQL. For interface design using HTML and CSS. We choose Framework PHP because it more easy to do next development. Beside, it can help our team to maintain this project for long time. This Application can be running on PHP 5.5 or higher And MySQL 4.X or higher.


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