Pacific Salmon Explorer

Pacific Salmon Explorer

Organisation: Periscopic (United States)

Publication Date: 03/15/2016


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Description username: DJA2016 password: S4lm0n!! Since 2008, the Pacific Salmon Foundation’s Skeena Salmon Program has been synthesizing core data on salmon abundance and productivity, as well as regional information on freshwater and estuarine salmon habitats. This data has been used to assess the status of many of British Columbia’s unique salmon populations, or Conservation Units, as well as the status of their freshwater and estuarine habitats. These status assessments have been critical for building a common understanding of the core data that exist for salmon populations and for identifying key factors that influence their abundance and productivity. The Pacific Salmon Explorer provides a way for the public to explore the core information for Skeena salmon and the individual status assessments that have been undertaken for all 55 unique Skeena salmon populations. Providing access to credible salmon data sets and undertaking efforts to assess the status of salmon populations and their habitats is important for informing local land-use planning and fisheries management and for identifying strategies for mitigating predicted risks to salmon from both human and environmental pressures.

What makes this project innovative? What was its impact?

This tool summarizes the core biological data for all 55 distinct salmon populations found in the Skeena watershed, as well as key pressures on their freshwater and estuarine habitats. This web platform is modular in design to accommodate the addition of other salmon-bearing watersheds throughout BC. In the coming months, we will be adding new watersheds throughout the Province with the goal of completing and displaying habitat and population assessments for all salmon populations in BC.

Technologies used for this project:

Front-end Technologies: Javascript, SASS Libraries & Frameworks: BackboneJS, Lodash, OpenLayers, EaselJS, PDFKit, Compass   Back-end Technologies:  PHP, PostgreSQL Frameworks: Slim (PHP lightweight framework)


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