Parliament Online

Parliament Online

Organisation: Ahram Gate arabic (Egypt)

Publication Date: 06/02/2014



Our project aims to join between the people problems and candidates. We want to collect problems of the regions (under our main categories) by region people and take the candidates ideas in solving these problems after success in parliament. Website will introduce the candidate to the people (CV, Ideas, and videos) and also introduce the people problem to the candidates collected by people themselves and our editors. The site can be used before the elections to introduce the candidate to their voters, also introduce voters problems to the candidates. As we save all candidates data we can help voters to show their region candidates within the election process. Also we can retrieve reports to government contains each region problem and help them in decision making. So our site can be used before, within and after elections. Finally we hope to achieve all your requirements.

Technologies used for this project:

Our project will be website under our Ahram Gate site. The main idea of the website is to save each candidate with his/her CV and ideas to solve region problems; also we will save main categories of the problems to retrieve any reports. Tools: (Visual studio .net 2012), SQL server Database (SQL Server 2008), JavaScript (JQuery), Google maps APIs.


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