The past, present and future of CO2

The past, present and future of CO2

Organisation: Kiln for WRI / The Guardian (United Kingdom)

Publication Date: 04/03/2015



Category 8: Best Entry from a Small Newsroom Created by Kiln for the World Resources Institute, and featured on the Guardian, this fully responsive interactive tracks global carbon dioxide emissions from 1850 through to projections for the 21st century. The project relies on extensive research and data processing, combining datasets from the WRI CAIT, US CDIAC, Oxford University and the IPCC. The historical section uses the novel technique of simultaneously visualising the 'flow' of emissions (annual output from each country/region) and the 'stock' of CO2 in the air (the cumulative total from each region, which reflects its historical responsibility). The future section draws on analysis of the latest IPCC report to show how long our global 'carbon budget' would last in future scenarios with business as usual energy use or with rapid emissions reductions. To make the visualisation as accessible and engaging as possible, the project features a 'Talkie' voiceover layer which makes it possible to watch the core story in the style of a video in addition to exploring the data interactively.

Technologies used for this project:

HTML5, JavaScript, Talkie, SVG, D3, Python
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