Perspex: Perspectives on the News

Perspex: Perspectives on the News

Organisation: Trinity Mirror (United Kingdom)

Publication Date: 06/04/2015



The public are interested in issues – health, the economy, immigration etc. But because most people have a favourite newspaper with it’s own bias, they tend to only get one perspective on a topic. On social media, users tend to follow people with similar views to themselves, who post links to news stories they typically agree with. This compounds the problem. Aggregators like Google News help to bring a number of sources together. But they rank content based on popularity or importance. They don’t show the spectrum of opinion about a story. Our prototype app shows the news from three different perspectives. The user selects an issue they’re interested in. We query our data sources (including the BBC Juicer and Trinity Mirror's own platform) for news stories containing keywords related to that issue, and pull in three stories on the topic. We’ve defined news sources as neutral, left wing or right wing. Neutral views are shown as default. The user can swipe left or right for alternative perspectives. Plus, for an even wider view, social discussions on the topic are also shown.

Technologies used for this project:

Node.js, Grunt Task Manager, NPM, HTML5, Javascript, CSS3, BBC Juicer, Twitter API
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