Pic Squared

Pic Squared

Organisation: Texas Tribune (United States)

Publication Date: 06/02/2014


Pic Squared is a fast-paced photo game. Ideal for bit-sized, casual play, it presents users with four pictures pulled from a news organization's photo library. Players must click the two pictures that relate to one another. If they choose correctly, they earn badges, build their winning streaks, and climb the leaderboard. After each short round, players can visit the story from which the winning photos came or immediately jump into another round. Casual and simple, the game is a sneaky, fun way to engage game players with current events.

Technologies used for this project:

It would be built with HTML, CSS and Javascript. A limited game could be built without any server-side support. But with server-side support, games could react to the user by feeding him questions he's likely to enjoy. For publishers, the data format is simple. It will be easy to create and publish games. Publishers could fully integrate it within their existing workflow, or they could create games at whim with an external web-based tool. It doesn't matter what kind of playform publishers use. This is a small component that can sit outside any system.
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