"Play" the news and "Blog" them

"Play" the news and "Blog" them

Organisation: Diario AS (Spain)

Publication Date: 05/23/2014


"We offer the users a new way to be informed. Throughout the history, newspapers and media organization have been sharing information to make people stay-up-to-date. We want to change what we are used to and: - Offer users a new way to integrate pictures and sounds to news - Offer the possibility that cellphones “play” the news. Make mobile tells them. - The information is taken by RSS from the original website. Anyway if your prefer, you can read the news as usual. - Do you want to wake up hearing the latest news? Users can set up alarms and the app is executed at the designated time and day. You can reprogram them. - Is it a bad time but you are interested in this alarm? Save it and check it out afterwards. - A new way to share information: Follow bloggers which you are interested in and share your breaking news. Keep posted 24/7 and rate them. Main Objectives: - 85% of people prefer to be connected by traditional web. Just 15% of people use native apps then. We want to change these habits and provide them a different product that is not available in normal website. Only in apps. - Traditionally newspapers and media organization send information to users. We want their feedback and get new information that we cannot cover with our resources. - Check, read, listen the news like never before. If you wake up and go to take a shower you can connect your smartphone to speakers and combine tasks. Same happens in the way to work. As we do not want you to crash, you can disable the images and use it like it were a radio but it will read only the information in which you are interested. - Every day we have less time to waste. We offer you the possibility of combining all tasks. Design : First, we worked on a draft. When the idea was consistent we decide to design the screens that we considered necessary to explain how it works. Because we think it is easier for users, providing an amazing experience using our app. Anyway what is very important is the readability of what really matters in each case. Next steps before Implementation : Finish the rest of screens and develop it. 2 weeks at most.

Technologies used for this project:

Photoshop, sublime, a provisional resource in flash with JS technology using an extern XML.
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April 16, 2015, 10:40 am by Qasim Khashan Abdolreza

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