Potli - follow our money

Potli - follow our money

Organisation: Fields of View (India)

Publication Date: 04/15/2017


How much money, do we as a country spend on women? Not many know the answer. The reason is that there is a severe lack of reportage on ‘Gender Responsive Budgeting’. To show how much money we spend on women India adopted a process called ‘Gender Responsive Budgeting’ ten years ago. Gender responsive budgeting is a process for gender mainstreaming that uses the budget as an entry point to apply a gender lens to the entire policy process. The GRB allows us to answer questions such as: How much different ministries spend on women? What are the schemes where a 100 per cent money is spent on women? What are the schemes where at least 30 per cent is spent on women? For Discrimination is not just social, it is economic too. As journalists, we could ask a lot of questions: How much is being spent on women? Why? Why only so much? What happens to this money? What more could be done? Yet, there is a strange silence. What can we do about it? Therefore, the problem we start out with: How do we make ‘Gender Responsive Budgeting’ more transparent, visible, and accessible to Indian journalists? We built a community portal called ‘Potli - follow our money’. (Potli stands for a small pouch which is used to hold money.) Potli will provide details of what is Gender Responsive budgeting, and how journalists can learn more about it, interpret the data, and use it for their story. It will have a toolkit for journalists to understand and access data in an easy manner. We envision Potli as a portal maintained by a community of journalists, student journalists (from institutions such as IIJNM and ACJ), and researchers working on gender budgeting (FoV, CBPS) and design schools working on data journalism (Srishti School of Art Design and Media). Economic discrimination of women is as critical an issue as social discrimination. The Gender Budget Reporting process, although not a magic bullet, allows us a way to question and analyze the state of affairs, and report on stories that will have value for advocacy at the grassroots-level. Potli is a step toward that future.

Technologies used for this project:

Javascript, HTML, Wordpress, and Python. Coggle, an application for mindmaps.


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