Presidential Women's Commitment Budget Analysis

Presidential Women's Commitment Budget Analysis

Organisation: Cheonji-libo (South Korea)

Publication Date: 04/01/2017


The president, who was elected in the May 9 presidential election last month, discussed the issue of amending relevant laws to allow the organization to follow the Presidential Acquisitions Committee for 45 days, but failed to reach an agreement. Thus, although I agree that the next president will have no problem in setting up the transition committee, I do not think it is easy. By analyzing the 19th Presidential candidate's pledge as a budget, I have delved into issues such as the pledge and the budgets of each ministry are matched, the so-called data of the budget settlement committee, the budget policy department of the National Assembly, and financial accounts.

Technologies used for this project:

html, css, Javascript -Future App:Android, ios sever: node.js


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