The price of italian politics: 5 billion euro over 20 years

The price of italian politics: 5 billion euro over 20 years

Organisation: Wired Italy (Italy)

Publication Date: 06/08/2014



In 2013 the Italian governement started discussing the cancellation of public funding for political parties and a more transparent regulation of private donations. Wired launched #soldiaipartiti as an investigative data project coordinated by Guido Romeo aimed at showing how much parties benefited from public money and who, among private citizens and companies has been supporting and influencing them. Our work was the first to allow readers to explore in detail every single private donation and make sense, through an interactive dataviz, of how parties work and who they respond to. The second story covers te funding reform showing how the law passed bu the Letta governement does not, in fact, cancel public support.

Technologies used for this project:

We obtained 20 years of private donation data from the Italian Parliament Treasury in pdf. The main hurdle has been transforming this in machine readable documents. We then analyzed data dividing donations by companies and individuals. Public funding data was collected from the national gazette. The interactive dataviz was completed by Carlo Zapponi.
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