Punkt widzenia

Punkt widzenia

Organisation: University of Warsaw (Poland)

Publication Date: 03/21/2017


The idea of the project is to create a base of articles connected to main media sources from the whole country. Our purpose was to provide a user with a tool that enables him to compare different articles on the same issue. We wanted to create an educative platform to teach people in Poland on how to diversify their sources of information. The main page would be the base of articles. User would search for the topic that intrestes him most by toolbar or pick interesting tags. When user picks an article he gets an analysis of the text argumentation and a comparison to an other article from a diffrent source. We also will provide the user with highlights of the words that cause negative emotions. The main problem ot the whole process would be to automate it because it's not possible to use a polish language alghoritm to analyze the whole content of article. The human part is incredibly essential. Unfortunatelly we hadn't got enough time for the implementation of our idea. It's strongly visualized but it's merly a concept.

Technologies used for this project:

Photoshop and Prezi and the help of the professionals ;) We don't have any developer skills except 3 classes of HTML.
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