Quotes from Articles, Personalized

Quotes from Articles, Personalized

Organisation: Team Citizoom (South Korea)

Publication Date: 04/01/2017


Our team would like to provide quotes of the presidential candidates and member of the national assembly based on the users’ characteristics such as addresses and interests. Quotes mentioned above would be extracted from newspaper articles. So, this feature would provide personalized experience to users (or consumers of the political information) The project above would tackle two main issues currently facing South Korea voters, our target audience. 1) The mainstream web search portal apps and newspaper apps provide uniform information and articles to the subscribers (users). 2) Good amount of the politics-related data and information, such as bill and election pledges, require users’ advanced knowledge in laws, jargons and political systems. We believe that what politicians say in public provide simplified explanation about what they do. It also acts as a barometer of their activities. We also would like to develop this as a feature of a mobile application, as South Korea marks the number 1 in terms of mobile infrastructure (mobile phone users, mobile internet users and mobile internet speed)

Technologies used for this project:

For this hackathone, our team used Android Studio and Adobe Photoshop to present the demo. For the fully developed service, we assume there has to be a DB and server system in place, which we can choose from various programming languages and tools such as python, node.js, JAVA, SQL or MongoDB.
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