Organisation: El Confidencial (Spain)

Publication Date: 06/22/2017


Radar is a tool for the newsroom but also for the reader. It is a back and front journalistic tool to simplify the news curation process for editors and to create understandable news storytelling flows of complex topics for readers.

Radar collects and creates a pool of sources via different media and social media APIs. These sources are stored in real time in a Content Management System (CMS) we have built.

From this CMS, the editor will be able to pick in one click different inputs to create a follow-up storytelling of a broad topic that will answer to the 5W of journalism.

The editor will select only the most valuable articles, visualisations or multimedia content from his own media or from any other sources. All this content is shown in a visual and appealing way generated automatically via the CMS. In seconds, the editor can produce an immersive but simple news storytelling to explain a complex topic to readers.

With this prototype we want to face the problem of Information overload, also known as infoxication, in long term media coverage topics like Brexit, the Syrian war or climate change.

We strongly believe that topic and tag pages are not the unique solution to store and explain information. We do not want to kill them but we want to go furthermore, coexist with them and empower editors to create added value news flows for complex topics.

Technologies used for this project:

We have built the front end of Radar CMS and Radar news storytelling site with HTML & CSS. Also, Node.js, a Javascript library, has been used to build the CMS, collect the sources and the information from the APIs and distribute the content into the front-end site.

Another technology we have used is web socket to connect in real time the client server with the front end. Precisely, socket.io has been used to connect the CMS with the reader’s summarised and visual information site.


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