Organisation: ThePostOnline (Netherlands)

Publication Date: 06/02/2014


In trying to reach and engage youngster with the news, we developed a way for them to help produce an item. And at the same time a way to give their comments back to the reporter. Readers, visitors or viewers can ask the reporter questions and vote on questions of other users. After a story breaks, and the journalist (an online editor or tv reporter) published his first story or item, he can look at his own reporters app and see what questions his public is asking. This way he can customize his next item or article to what his public wants. As we already reach quite a young public, we want engage them especially with live events and in the mean time customize our content for them.

Technologies used for this project:

The main technical aspects of the application concern responsiveness and accessibility, speed and share-ability for both news-consumer as well as journalists and media outlets. As a webapplication, the app will be primarily focused on mobile, hence the need for proper responsiveness of the app, to meet the need of scaling to any device. A trustworthy hosting partner will ensure a proper 'uptime' and speed, so a proper connection is always available. Journalists will use a backend to the app that will preferably evolve in a native app to ensure accessibility of the questions that are loaded thus far, even if he or she moves to a remote or secure area. Media outlets that use RTR will get to use a widget that can be embedded anywhere on their website(s). This will link their stories directly to the app, which loads data via RSS and/or the meta-data provided by the media-partner.
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