Reading Leader, Leading Reader

Reading Leader, Leading Reader

Organisation: Danbinews (South Korea)

Publication Date: 04/14/2018


We target on a person who - begins to work at the age of 26~32. - commutes by public transportation. - consumes any contents during the commute. He/She goes through difficulties to - find useful contents in the morning/evening rush hour. - get interested from the machine-curated news. We solve the problems by - providing a human-curated newsletter. - improving relevance with the acquaintance's comment on the news. - foster engagement with improved relevance. According to the attached survey, people feel reliability from the news which their friends/family member shared. Curators can share their opinion about a specific article/topic in our service like they do on Facebook. Unlike Facebook, we distribute the contents by sending an e-mail. When a subscriber clicks an item in the mail, it redirects the page to the contents. They already know the outline of the contents and feel more comfortable with it. We expect readers to be more engaged and build a strong community based on the shared intellectual-experiences.

Technologies used for this project:

- Chrome Extension Curators can write their comment about the news by using the extension. It can be anything they want to jot down such as abstraction, opinions, summary, etc. - React Web App Curators can complete their curation in our web app. It also ranks the curators to stimulate the curating. - Android App Readers who click an item of a newsletter will see the full context in our app. The web page can be embedded by using WebView class. Permission INTERNET should be allowed.
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