School Report

School Report

Organisation: (New Zealand)

Publication Date: 06/08/2014



School Report set the news agenda in New Zealand when it launched late 2012. Believed to be largest ever data-journalism project undertaken by a New Zealand media company, School Report also delved into one of the most contentious issues in education, the government’s introduction of the National Standards. The five-month investigation into National Standards results was launched as a multimedia and interactive report. To display the National Standards data online, a group of journalists, designers and software developers from spent months building the School Report website. Here, users could search for schools, view their results, look at school’s demographic data and find their education reports. Initially, the National Standards results of 1000 schools were published online. By December, this was increased to include the country's more than 2000 schools. Over the first weekend of its launch, the School Report data site attracted more than 300,000 visitors. The site presented a vast amount of information that had never been seen before. The scale of the scoop prompted significant media interest in what had been uncovered, how and why. It prompted debate in Parliament, in school halls and playgrounds about an important policy that touches the lives of all New Zealanders.

Technologies used for this project:

School Report was built using JavaScript.

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