Organisation: Hankoyreh (South Korea)

Publication Date: 04/14/2018


sensitively Make sensitive media ecosystem w/ reader reports. Problem Statement - Minorities are excluded from the news. Target Audience - Minorities - Women, Disabled, LGBT, Foreigners, etc. Our Solution - Sensitive Media Ecosystem w/ Reader Reports 1. Reader Reports 2. Sensible CMS 3. Feedback emails Reader Reports - Readers can report hate speech of articles. - Database of hate speech can be constructed. Sensible CMS - With machine learning, we can build a CMS which can check hate speech automatically. - Writers can self-check their own articles, even can check its ‘Diversity Index’. Feedback emails - We can send feedback emails to the readers who sent reports. - This will engage more and more. - In this email, we can also put ’No-hate-speech stories’ Further Directions - Media can treat stories whose diversity index is high more important. - Not only for minorities but also whole readers. - We can build the news community which does not exclude minorities.

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