She, the Leader

She, the Leader

Organisation: Citizen Matters / Oorvani Foundation (India)

Publication Date: 04/15/2017


Gender bias in politics is something that needs to be addressed by every society. While the problem is mostly of not having enough women politicians, in Bengaluru, the situation is different. About 51% of councillors in Bengaluru are women - as the municipal council has a 50% quota for women. However, their impact is not seen on ground. They do not speak up on crucial issues in the council, and mostly it is the men in their lives who rule on their behalf, mostly by dominance. She, the Leader is a website/ a project that will facilitate empowerment of women corporators through public engagement. Target groups: Women corporators, political parties, citizens. The portal we envisage will have interactive maps, video messages for all target groups, links to resources, articles, community section etc. The portal will also invite the target groups to share videos, audio, articles etc. related to public engagement. Women corporators can send videos, audios, articles about their work and life. They can be a part of and follow the public community of women corporators, to see what others are doing and showcasing. This will help them to become active and push the boundaries. A resource section meant for them will have videos, audio/podcasts and articles on the topic that will provide a window to the world of women leaders and inspire them. Citizens can share stories from the ward, interview their corporator, complain about the problems in their area, and track the work done by the corporator. More than anything, they can engage with the woman leader, to nudge her to work better. The articles or interviews that come out are an incentive to keep up the good work, in an otherwise bleak scene of munipality system, where a corporator is paid Rs 7,500 (about $116) per month. Citizen Matters is a civic news and analysis online magazine present in Bengaluru and Chennai. Hyperlocal Public / civic engagement is the forte of the magazine. We make use of multimedia content like video, audio, graphics, interactive maps and photos. This website/product has the scalability to go to any city, with some customisation, and perfectly fits into Citizen Matters framework.

Technologies used for this project:

html5 + css3, Bootstrap templates, Leaflet and OSM Maps for the base layer, Google sheets, Google forms for data collection.


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