Organisation: Le Monde (France)

Publication Date: 10/27/2016



During Panama paper's investigation, we often had to search for corporations and societies related to Luxemburg, the closest to tax heaven european country. Luxembourg has a corporate registry, but it is quite difficult to use, notably because you can't search by a shareholder or beneficial owner name, only by corporation name. Our project is : To scrap the whole Luxemburg Corporate registry and get a local copy To build a tool to explore theses datas To enable advanced functions, like automated named entities detection, batch search, graph navigation, alerts, etc USER STORIES As a user, I want to be able to search through the data, from a corporation name as well as from a person name. I want to be able to make batch search, and to obtain comprehensive and ordered results in order to help my investigations. With a "résidant à Paris" ("living in Paris") or "de nationalité française" ("french nationality") search, I can find every document of the Luxembourg corporate registry living in Paris. I can also operate a batch search with a csv list of names or companies

Technologies used for this project:

Indexing: SOLR Research interface : Javascript with SolR callbacks Named entity recognition : Plugin by Joseph Jowanza
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