Organisation: BBC Visual Journalism (United Kingdom)

Publication Date: 11/26/2016


While there is so much focus by sports journalism on what sports stars have to say, a lot of the time the interviews they give are full of clichés and the same old generic ‘sportspeak’ statements that don’t tend to mean too much. We have built a tool that allows journalists to input text from sports interviews and get embeddable and socially shareable cards analysing the tone, language and cliché use of the interviewee. These could be used to really enliven interviews in sports pages and social media, highlighting how some sportspeople come across and the main clichés and phrases that they use. Cards highlighting the 'worst cliché' could help explain to some fans the clichés and terminology used.

Technologies used for this project:

IBM Watson Tone Analyzer API, node.js, Adobe xd
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