Organisation: Punch Newspapers (Nigeria)

Publication Date: 05/31/2018



The Cambridge dictionary defines a spectator as - a person who watches an activity, especially a sports event, without taking part. So, a reporter covers an event, a football match for example, sends his story in which is published on the web or in print. Sometimes, he/she liveblogs the match. When the game is over - won and lost. The reporter's job is done. But, that is not so anymore. The fan, today, is no longer passive; with the availability of internet and social media. He/she wants to be part of the game - gets updates, stats, participate in discussions realtime ( views and analysis) and wants to share these with friends. We propose the PUNCH Sports App. The App will involve fans in the coverage/ reporting of games, putting an end to the disconnect between newsroom reports and the needs of fans. Or The App will make sports reporting more interactive, ending the disconnect between fans' needs and reporting of sports events. It will also increase user experience during live matches. This app is even more important now that the World Cup is around the corner. For example, the final of the 2014 World Cup between Germany and Argentina was watched by 1.0 billion people, according to a FIFA stats, out of over 3.2 billion people who watched the 2014 edition. Also, 280million people were reported to have watched the matches online or on a mobile device. Definitely, more people are expected to watch the World Cup in Russia, later this month, thanks to the wider global reach of the internet. Why the app is more important for our own newsroom in Nigeria. Nigeria has an estimated population of 198 million. According to the national communications commission, 100m of these people have internet access. Internet world stats put the number of Nigerians on internet at 17 million. Why Football: Football is Nigeria's most popular sport. The country is going to Russia and this is our 6th appearance. We have reached the second round of the competition three times.

Technologies used for this project:

Javascript, Ruby on Rails, Machine Learning (TensorFlow), openGraph
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