Take it like a woman

Take it like a woman

Organisation: Tata Institute of Social Sciences (India)

Publication Date: 03/18/2017


Take it like a woman is a game which tries to create a consciousness among the men on the concept of gender inequality which exist within the Indian society through adopting the model of digital board game which tend to put the player into a virtual patriarchy. This game targets the urban population of India, through incorporating aspects such as glass ceiling at jobs, street sexual harassment, maternity leave, period issues (menstruation), domestic chores and education (career) which are the problems phased by women in India certainly by urban women in contemporary times. As the game targets the men from urban areas, it makes the game certainly and ideally restricted to the male players. Giving an example for the better understanding of the game, if the player enters a box of menstruation, the player can’t move out of the box if they get three on the dice as the third box from the menstruation is temple (where in India society menstruating women can’t enter the temple) or neither five as the fifth box is church which in turn makes them to lose a turn until they get other numbers other than three and six for three turns (as the menstruation period is 3 days) and seven too, as the seventh box is kitchen. Further, to make the game more realistic and to make it informative there will be dialogue box in the middle of the board which will state that “Your moves are restricted now if you get 3, 5, 7 as it is a taboo to enter temple, church and kitchen when your menstruation, click here to get one free turn” . The click here tab will take the player to the page which will give the links of news reporting and articles on menstruation and patriarchy, menstruation and feminism etc. Thus, the game ‘Take it like a woman’ tries to make the men understand the ways in which the patriarchy is being partial and brutal on the women’s part through putting them on the virtual patriarchy through the version of this game. This in turn tends to create a consciousness among the men which in turn bridges the gap within the understanding of gender inequality (sticking to the heterosexuality) and position of the women within the patriarchy.

Technologies used for this project:

HTML5 CSS3 Javascript


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