Tenho Dito

Tenho Dito

Organisation: Expresso (Impresa) (Portugal)

Publication Date: 10/08/2016


"Tenho Dito" is a real time check statements tool directed to journalists. It allows the identification and comparison of political statements about a particular subject by the same political entities along time. While in government, did this politician ever supported the tax policy he is now criticizing as a member of the opposition? Besides using his or her memory, how can a journalist be sure if a political parties contradicting itself? "Tenho dito" has two main data sources: the transcription of Portuguese Parliament debates since 1976 (available online) and the archives of news from Lusa agency as well as Expresso, Visão, and SIC news (part of Impresa group). The starting point is a search query that has to be filled with a subject and an entity (a politician name or a political party). It will search databases to find information on these two searchable variables. The results are shown from newest to oldest, showing the name of the statements' author). And it will give an automatic evaluation of that statement position towards that subject. Was this declaration consonant or dissonant to the subject? This feature is not deterministic, that is, it does not necessarily imply a contradiction or a clear position to an object. Nevertheless, it can facilitate the identification of possible contradictions a long time.

Technologies used for this project:

Prototype: Google Spreadsheets, HTML, CSS, JS Project: Speech-to-text, Text Mining, Machine Learning, NoSQL


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