Organisation: The Times (United Kingdom)

Publication Date: 06/18/2015


All 17 of the UN's sustainable development goals are equally important. We want to prioritise all of the goals rather than focusing on just one, especially as these goals have been set for 15 years. We wanted to build a tool which helps tackle all 17 goals for their entirety and, crucially, we wanted to do so without changing how journalists/newsrooms work, or increasing the newsroom workflow, as that can often be challenging. In Britain journalists are already writing about the sustainability goals, but without realising. The aim Make journalists writing content related to the 17 UN sustainability goals aware of the broader significance of their work. Encourage journalists to think about sustainability and incorporate it into their work without changing their workflow. Enable journalists to discover more about the UN sustainability goals and to therefore create more informed work. This in turn increases the visibility of the UN goals, and ensures media organisations are doing their bit for sustainable development. Think17 aims to prompt, educate and inform journalists, making them aware of these goals, without disrupting their workflow. It will gently encourage them to think about sustainability while they work. Think17 asks questions to help guide journalists towards key issues which can inform their work, and provides the resources and information to make them aware of the UN sustainability goals. Think17 uses natural language processing whilst you write, to search a list of sources to see if what you are writing relates to any of the 17 goals. If it does, it asks you two key questions related to your topic so you can explore further: "You’re writing about poverty, have you thought about including these sources?", and "You are writing about forests, perhaps you could think about looking into seas next time?" Think17 therefore solves two problems: 1. Journalists are made increasingly aware of the UN goals and are therefore able to produce innovate coverage of the topics flagged and better engage their audiences 2. The UN goals become a relevant and visible part of the newsroom without disrupting the journalist's workflow

Technologies used for this project:

- Knwl.js: natural language processor - JavaScript - Yeoman - SASS - Grunt - Bower


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