Ticker Take

Ticker Take

Organisation: MarketWatch (United States)

Publication Date: 07/17/2014


Introducing: Ticker Take, a new kind of interactive poll that lets readers “shoot and share” their own animated stock chart predicting a stock’s outlook and plotting their personal take alongside other viewpoints from the MarketWatch community. Ticker Take is interactive, engaging and social. It is easy to produce for editors, and easy to watch and share for readers. An editor can create a Ticker Take with just a few inputs: headline, summary, ticker symbol, and the timeline for the stock movement and duration of the poll. That would generate a poll page where readers can plot out where they think a stock is headed. It would also give them space to explain or comment on their take. Ticker Take then auto-generates an animation, which would play on the page as an HTML5 video. The shareable video outputs would be tailored to the different share formats: a 6-second Vine to share or Tweet, an mp4 to upload to YouTube or share on Facebook. An easy, fast piece of personalized content for readers to play, replay and share. The implementation of this idea is very specific to stock picking, but it is an idea that could work for any kind of polling and crowd sourcing: for instance, the design and inputs could easily apply to polling data for elections, or sentiment tracking on a political issue. Link to YouTube video output: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxVT0gcMApw&feature=youtu.be Next steps : The next steps before implementation of the project would be to: dedicate the engineering resources to build the framework; and validate that our infrastructure can generate and host the output video files.

Technologies used for this project:

Final product will make use of highcharts javascript chart rendering tool to render MarketWatch's market data and the open source video compiler, ffmpeg. Custom javascript will collect each frame of the animation and send it to the server to compile a video. When complete the user will be shown the video and asked if they would like to share the generated video across various social sites.
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