Time Lapse: Germany’s Population Since 1855 (175 Jahre im Zeitraffer)

Time Lapse: Germany’s Population Since 1855 (175 Jahre im Zeitraffer)

Organisation: Spiegel Online (Germany)

Publication Date: 06/08/2014



Morphing coropleth maps illustrate the population development in Germany from 1855 till 2030 – presented as interactive application and video with commentary. Beyond that, the underlying data analysis reveals that the population of eastern Germany began to shrink long before the foundation of the former GDR. Our project thus combines a newsworthy data story with an innovative and expressive visualization.

Technologies used for this project:

There are two maps with 96 regions of Germany built from free Shapefiles and converted with Python into TopoJson-files. The distortion of the map is done with a Javascript Cartogram solution based on this model: http://prag.ma/code/d3-cartogram/#births/2011. Furthermore the application uses RequireJS, Jquery and D3.
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