Timelined chat for breaking news coverages

Timelined chat for breaking news coverages

Organisation: NacióDigital.cat (Spain)

Publication Date: 01/19/2018


NacióDigital is one of the main players in leading catalan online media. It was founded in 1996 and, after more than 20 years of history using its own technology, ended up having its own CMS which helps us in adding new functionalities at a fast pace and a reliable way. That CMS has the whole database with more than 1 million news and 700k pictures correctly tagged. This project's goal is to make a better user experience when following the coverage of breaking news by adding functionalities to the live blogging concept, by using a chat-alike interface and giving the user the chance to ask for more background information on each topic or reaching the information given by an specific journalist.

Technologies used for this project:

Written in PHP with a MySQL database and HTML5 + CSS3 + Javascript for the interface (with AJAX calls for live updates). It is build upon our own CMS platform (also written in PHP), where we started the design with Bootstrap 3.3.7. The project also uses some work done in a preexisting chatbot test, but in this case it uses its own admin panel data instead of the news in chronological order like it did the early chatbot test, so we reused some of the Javascript functions and some of the CSS declarations only.


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