Tom Meagher

Tom Meagher

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An investigative journalist and news hacker, I'm the data editor at the Marshall Project, a nonprofit news organization covering crime and justice in America. I also co-founded Hack Jersey. If you want to contact me securely, you can find my email and PGP key at the link above.

I like to tell important, deeply reported stories using narrative, numbers, documents, design and code.

My specialties are data analysis, Freedom of Information negotiations, computer-assisted reporting, editing, training, visualization, interactive graphics and news applications.

For the nerds, I have technical expertise in:
* Python and object-oriented programming and associated web frameworks like Flask and Django
* Structured query language (SQL) and relational database managers, including MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Access and FoxPro
* Regular expressions
* Mapping and geographic information systems (GIS), using tools such as ArcGIS, Google Maps, Fusion Tables and Tableau
* Version control using Git
* Web scraping
* HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery.
* Rest APIs and data formats such as JSON and XML.

My professional interests at the moment include digital security, open data, UAVs (quadcopters and "drones"), sensor journalism, bots and automation, Markov chains, human-centered design, wearables and the World Cup.


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