Organisation: (Indonesia)

Publication Date: 05/14/2016



This is a start up. Traveli is a social media application that integrates journalistic work from the news room with user travel activity around the world. There’s two purpose of this project. First is to repurpose our archived travel articles that has been stored, and then forgotten, on the server. Newsroom will republish the old articles in Traveli for each travel spots. These articles are about place and culinary. Not only the archives in (our media), but it is also possible to have partnership with medias all around the world to share this platform for them to also take part in republishing articles in their own country’s travel destinations. Secondly, for the user, Traveli will be a place to find, plan, and share their travel itinerary. Users can make their own itinerary within this application and share that to their timeline for others to see. This itinerary can be complimented by photos, videos, stories, and map locations. How to make itinerary? It is easy. User only need to activate the application (maps and GPS based), then ‘check in’ just like how they do in other social media; Path or Facebook. User can add photos and stories in every location they check in. After their journey is done, user can save this as a new travel itinerary post. By joining in Traveli, there will be a lot of itinerary references that originated from travel articles from various media and also user generated contents. Traveli will be an itinerary database from around the world to give idea for traveller wondering to go somewhere. The business model will be start up. We can find investors who are willing to fund this project. The other business model can be advertisements or sponsorship from other business branches such as hotels, restaurants, airplanes, or travel agents. We can also use Google Ad Sense in order to create more profit. (Tema member: Johanes Heru Margianto, Cassandra Etania Sasmita, Bangkit Apri Wijanarko)

Technologies used for this project:

Adobe Illlustrator, Sublime Text, PHP, Node JS Java Android


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