Uncleji Meter

Uncleji Meter

Organisation: FactorDaily (India)

Publication Date: 04/15/2017



The problem with casual sexism is it often justifies very bad conduct by men in a patriarchal society. For instance, when misogynist and sexist jokes are normalised, and even justified by people because "come on, it's just a joke!", it leads to the acceptance of sexist and misogynist behaviour in real life, and even puts the blame for it on women (or whoever the victim of sexist behaviour may be). To address this, we felt it was important to make people who share content on social media engage a little deeply with the content, so that they can see the biases embedded in jokes. To do that, we have created an online quiz widget that invites users to take a fun personality quiz so that they can decide where they fall on the "Uncleji Meter" -- 'Unclejis' are (mostly) elderly men (who as a demographic) are suddenly very active on social media, especially WhatsApp, who love to share sexist jokes. It is also sued as a euphemism for anyone, male or female, who thinks casual sexism is ok. The quiz aims to make people engage more deeply with the content they share, instead of reflexively forwarding it, in order to create awareness about gender stereotyping -- all this is done through a fun, pop-culture infused quiz. We feel that the "media" is not just what editors and journalists tell readers, but in the age of social media, it is also overwhelmingly about peer-to-peer sharing of views, opinions, attitudes and biases. That is why we chose to look at social media sharing of content rather than pure "journalistic" content as part of this project.

Technologies used for this project:

Web development: Javascript, HTML, CSS.


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