undercover waves

undercover waves

Organisation: The Asia Economy daily (South Korea)

Publication Date: 04/01/2017


1. Overview: A service that shows at a glance which topics are mentioned in the community about candidates 2. Purpose: We focused on showing what issues are mentioned about candidates in the Internet community. Using this service, candidates can identify what they need to disclose. The media is able to figure out what issues the candidate should check for facts. If the period is long, public opinion on the specific candidates can be observed. It will be useful for voters who are wondering about the status of online issues, and Internet community users who have difficulty reading many candidates related posts. 3. Target: Election Candidate and Candidate Camp, Political Reporter, Elite Voter, Internet Community User

Technologies used for this project:

python, gensim, konlpy data mining, natural language processing, topic extraction, web crawling
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