Organisation: ORF (Austria)

Publication Date: 10/30/2014


One of the key points of civic engagement is political participation - in Vienna's latest communal elections in 2010, only 67,63% of elective people voted. Our tool "UrnenRun" aims to encourage more people to use their right to vote. This is accomplished by several aspects: First of all, we provide a tool that let's users quickly access information on where they can vote by either typing in their address or by navigating on a map showing all the polling stations. Then, when users have cast their votes, they can go to our website and "check" into their polling station, upload a photograph of themselves at the station (or just of the polling station), and - finally, they can bet on the turnout of the elections at their own polling station. After filling out a simple form (uploading the image & the bet), an image based on the provided photograph is generated and can be shared on our webapp and via social media platforms. On our website we will feature all photos uploaded by our users, georeferenced on a map to visualize where people have already voted. The photographs shared by our users and viewers will also be featured on our live Election-newscast, especially in the timeframe before 5:00 pm. They will create additional suspense, since we are allowed to communicate turnout-rates before the last polling stations are closing at 5:00 pm.

Technologies used for this project:

We developed a prototype that is based on Google Fusion Tables, that basically made use of a few javascript applications (e.g. map navigation & image gallery). Once the project will be realised, we will use the existing framework for election-visualization of ORF's website.
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