Verificador Ciudadano

Verificador Ciudadano

Organisation: CCMA (Spain)

Publication Date: 01/19/2018


"#BREAKING If you have information or images, please contact us ..." The coverage of a breaking news situation is always a challenge. How to be everywhere? How to check all the information? Is it possible? Let's go one step further: Is it possible to be everywhere and automatically check the information that you get? All in one click? "Verificador Ciudadano" ("Citizen Verifier") is a tool that responds to this need. It channels the information that comes from the user and checks it with the mobile’s hardware capabilities: time, gps information, accelerometer, mobile number… Who recorded the video? When? Where? All in a simple dashboard for the news editor. And an open field for data visualization implementacion: video live maps and breaking news timelines with verified user content.

Technologies used for this project:

APP: java, objectiveC Dashboard and website: webtechnologies (html, js, css) Database: Firebase
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