VIDE: Visual Interactive Data Explorer

VIDE: Visual Interactive Data Explorer

Organisation: Gazeta Wyborcza (Poland)

Publication Date: 07/21/2014



VIDE solves the problem with a lot amount of bad news in media, that people don't want to read. App cuts off the bad news, if user wants to. User can filter content by categories and mood. Data is presented in image-centric way. We applied modern standards to traditional media. We believe that VIDE is an innovation. User gets what he/she wants in the suitable form. It's easy to use and share.

Technologies used for this project:

App is build on HTML5, CSS3 i JavaScript. Data is transfered from server using JSON. We've used jQuery 2.0.2, jQuery CollagePlus, jQuery imageloader. Code was edited in NetBeans 8. Mockups were done on mybalsamiq, final graphics on Gimp, Photoshop, PixelArtist (Android) and Vector Paint (Chrome OS). Data (Images/Text) were taken from website.
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