Videochecker: Do you believe everything they tell you?

Videochecker: Do you believe everything they tell you?

Organisation: Vocento (Spain)

Publication Date: 03/04/2017


-Videochecker is a widget developed for inserted in videonews. -While the reader visualizes the video of a politician's speech (or interviews, press conference, hall statements ...) can vote on the march, in their mobiles, if it is true or false what it says -At the end of the speech gets a score and its position in a general ranking of 'better informed readers' generated by the readers community. -With the result of whether or not a question has been answered in each question, the 'fact check' previously made by a journalist. -Videochecker will be application for the newspaper One of the 11 newspapers from Vocento. The target: -Users between 25-40 years, graduate, mobile user from the childhood, audiovisual content consumer, videogames lovers, critics with politicians and interested in the life of their cities. The benefits: -Reputation and reinforcement of the journalistic commitment with the community -The knowledge of the audiences -We will create a large-scale data on: -Assessment of political leaders by the community - 'Library' of videos and 'fact cheks' for the consultation open for journalist's work or any users - The data of all the Vocento's newspaper generates a huge database of public representatives and their verifiable affirmations of the whole country - Exportable to the 12 newspapaers of the group in a easy way. Very usefull and applicable.

Technologies used for this project:

EmberJS Framework Ember CLI EcmaScript 6 + Babel Handlebars HTML5 CSS3 Video Bower & Npm


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