Organisation: La Nacion (Argentina) (Argentina)

Publication Date: 07/17/2014


What is the problem that is solved by your project? 1) REALLY useful archiving of videos for later reuse. 2) You can find quickly THAT special moment inside one video piece. 3) Text mining video What are the key features of your project? The site works with online hosted videos (Youtube & co) with emphasis in collaborative & automated tagging moments on a single piece. Additionally, it retrieves transcripts from Youtube automatic captions. It also invites audiences to edit automated transcripts via to get the most accurate version. VideoData users can search within the content and/or contribute tagging material to enrich the online database. How innovative is it? Have you ever quickly discovered a special moment in a video without seeing it? Text mined multimedia? That’s the innovation we are talking about. How useful is it going to be to the users? We think that if VideoData will be VERY useful for ourselves, and also for whoever discovers the platform. What are the next steps before implementation? Next steps include apply the design and implementing with the CSS and markup and implement the automatic tagging mechanism. When do you think you could implement the project? We think that we can implement the version for launching within in a month of work* (including launching mktg & comms).

Technologies used for this project:

Django, Popcorn.js, Python, PyQuery, Youtube API,, Photoshop.
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