VideoPop (Soulful Robot)

VideoPop (Soulful Robot)

Organisation: Vocento (Spain)

Publication Date: 07/17/2014


How can we give a soul to a robot? We work for 12 local and regional spanish newspaper in Vocento and, as you, I suppose, we have some problems. Or maybe not problems. Challenges -We have a bad experience with the contribution of ours users in our media. We are looking for quality, not for quantity -We don't have good results with automatic programs or robots -We don't have good tools for live event coverage -We have problems to engage our work with social media OK. I'm going to show you our proposal. It's VideoPop. (SoulFul Robot). A poetic name :) We have a good example of a coverage. The next Champions League Final, in Berlin. The match could be between Athletic de Bilbao, our team, the best in Spain, obviously, and F. C. Barcelona, a smaller team, obviously. We invite our users to upload content related to an event under live coverage, but only if they are close enough to it. The smartphone-provided geolocation comes up as a really effective quality filter. The videos are limited to 15 seconds, like Instagram and Facebook. They appear in our live event coverage, mixed with text and pictures, by another users and by our journalists. And they appear too in an special video channel. VideoPop. They are ordered by time or by popularity. This is the message that we can send to our users, inviting them to participate in our live coverage. They can record the video and upload it easily. The video can be voted within the application and also shared in social media. Most popular, according to a simple algorithm (direct votes and shares in social media), obtain an special visibility in the channel. We show the place where the video of the users have been recorded too. At the end of the event, when Athletic de Bilbao is, obviously, the next champion, a program mix automatically all the user videos in a unique an special one: The VideoPop, limiting its final length and prioritizing the most popular ones. It shows ten users videos in chronological order (3'33"). The video appears in the home of our apps and websites. We can have a user-created football game movie. Easy, Simple and quite good for us This program is a robot but it shows different and personal points of view of the same event. It's a robot but it has feelings. The users feelings. It's a Soulful Robot. -It's a new way of storytelling. -We get music, not noice -We get a special quality video to show in our different supports (apps and websites) -We give soul to a robot -The enriching is good for all the users, even if they participate or not -It's a good advertising platform because our local advertisers ask for positive concepts with community benefits to link their brands -We could offer this new section to our audiences after the summer and, of course, it would be prepared for the next Champions League
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