The violence in Mexico and yourself

The violence in Mexico and yourself

Organisation: Data Cívica (Mexico)

Publication Date: 04/04/2017


In Mexico, the citizen lived a wave of violence which included homicides, kidnappings, and violence when the president Felipe Calderon in 2006 decided to start a war against organized crime. This period is known one of the most bloody and sanguinary of our history. The consequences of this war are 218,841 people dead and 26,274 people missing after 10 years of the presidential decision to send 7000 soldier to the state of Michoacán. Is important to mention that Mexico passed from having a homicide rate of 8 out of 100,000 people to having one of 23.5 out of 100,000 people in 2011. This project is about violence and people, people that suffered the consequences of the presidential decision. For this reason, we create a plattform where people can see all the data about violence filtered by sex, year, grade of education, entity, weapon, etc. and make a comparison with other profiles of people. It is important to understand the violence in Mexico not only through the numbers but also through the characteristics of the crimes. This project can serve as a great tool for those who work in research regarding violence in Mexico.

What makes this project innovative? What was its impact?

This project does not only present quantitative data but also qualitative one, showing key characteristics of the crimes. Through this, we are giving a clear identity to homicide victims. Whenever we talk about crime, we talk about numbers but we must ask ourselves how do the numbers affect us? How do the numbers change our perception about crime in Mexico? We believe, that in contrast with other projects, this one goes beyond the numbers, and ultimately raises awareness among the public and proportionate the tools for future public policy that can effectively tackle violence in our country. We can identify groups that are more vulnerable to violence and therefore create solutions that are oriented to them.

Technologies used for this project:

For the development of this project, different technologies were used among HTML, CSS3 and JavaScript technologies like AngularJS and D3js. These are used together with the use of computational algorithms to manipulate the information obtained from previous data analysis performed with R and Stata. These technologies were integrated into the project and finally deployed using the infrastructure provided by Amazon Web Services
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