Organisation: Welad El Balad Media LTD. (Egypt)

Publication Date: 06/02/2014


The conceptual framework of the platform is that of political demography, which aims to explain electoral information within the context of key demographic indicators at the local and national levels. While electoral behavior and results are key to Egypt in its democratic transition there is no aggregated relevant data at the local level. Hence, a lack of solid analysis of electoral trends and behavior. VotoGraphs will fill this gap. The platform will map electoral information and relevant demographics (Urban/Rural,Christian/Muslim, etc) at the hyper local level tracking all election results since 25 Jan. It will aggregate all new electoral information, set up crowd-sourcing tools to map violations, and provide relevant reports related to data. In doing so it will service the general public by providing reliable, unfiltered information to make informed choices, political parties that need information to strategics, policy makers and researchers/academics.

Technologies used for this project:

1. The platform will be built using cutting-edge technologies to easily allow real-time tracking of election behaviors, the backend will be developed using NodeJS and Mongodb for data storage to allow easy scaling for large data-sets. 2. Structuring the database to allow the manipulation of a very lower level data, so we are able to generate as specific information as possible. 3. As the platform will be based on high levels of data entry, development will take into account the need for easy and interactive user experience. 4. A mobile app will be developed to facilitate ease of posting to enhance crowd-sourcing. 5. Development will include aggregation of geo-tagged Tweets and Instagrams. 6. Core function will be analysis of data and statistics. Also forecasting based on analysis of data.


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