The Waffler

The Waffler

Organisation: Digital First Media (United States)

Publication Date: 06/02/2014


Play the role of a political candidate and take a stance on a barrage of policy questions that come at you during the campaign. Can you stay true to your values and still garner the support you need to win an election? This game could be packaged with a guide to candidates and campaign issues that many newspapers already publish for local, state or national elections. The game also illustrates the tension candidates face between their need to gain enough public support to win and to remain true to their convictions on controversial issues.

Technologies used for this project:

The prototype of the game is built with html, css and JavaScript, including jQuery, along with a few images. The development plan is to incorporate a JavaScript head movement-tracking library so that head nods and head shakes can be substituted for choosing yes or no, respectively. We envision this as a reusable tool, with a wizard that newsrooms could use to upload data and candidate information to customize it for local, state or national elections.
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