WalesOnline Datastore

WalesOnline Datastore

Organisation: Media Wales (United Kingdom)

Publication Date: 06/04/2014



The WalesOnline Datastore is an area of the main website that brings together all of the data journalism done at Media Wales. As data-driven stories are published, a corresponding article is added to the Datastore giving information about where the data comes from, links to a spreadsheet containing the data as well as any visualizations to help illustrate the data.

Technologies used for this project:

Data is collected and analysed in Excel and OpenOffice Calc, often using statistical techniques and pivot tables. The useability of the data varies widely from clean tables that can be reproduced easily, to complicated FOIs that need collating or data that needs geo-coding in order to map it. Most of the datasets in the Datastore are hosted in Google Spreadsheets to make them easy for people to access and download. Larger datasets may be hosted in Google Fusion Tables. Visualisations are created in Google Fusion Tables for maps and Tableau Public for everything from simple graphs to more complex interactives.

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