Organisation: Ilyoshinmun (South Korea)

Publication Date: 04/14/2018


WEvol: A community between citizen and politicians which wants to be a solution journalism platform. What would you do if you don’t have surveillance camera in front of your house? What if you lack public parking lots in the neighborhood so you always drive several blocks away? To solve this, we want to make a platform where citizens raise their voices to make themselves heard. WEvol is the name of a new solution journalism combining ‘we’ and ‘evolution’. It connects citizens in need of political aid and politicians who want feasible outcomes. To get help from WEvol, citizens need to create an account in the website to get WEvol cryptocurrency. The coins are used to raise funds to solve civil complaints. The complaints are categorized by hashtags standing for region and type. The more coins are under a fund, the more power it gets to solve the problem. With the power, the complaints can either be directly sent to the right politicians, or be publically petitioned to be recognized by the politicians searching for campaign pledges. It doesn't need to be a politician. Journalists can make the request public. Lawyers can give an advice when needed. A single petition does not need to be ‘liked’ by 200 thousand people as the Blue House petition website system. The complaints uploaded on WEvol platform can be clustered with previous ones of similar hashtags to gain more power. The civil issues are shown not only by list, but also on the maps. The problem solver will be pinned with the issue like Pokemon GO; new surveillance cameras, recently built public parking space. This way, citizens can’t miss active politicians around the town. To promote participation, we will make the solved problems noticeable on both offline sites and online maps. The citizens with similar complaints will bond on our platform. We believe WEvol is a genuine platform to make all citizens solution journalists. The issues in real life is much more valuable than celebrity gossips on news.

Technologies used for this project:

Blockchain DApp, Node.js, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, MongoDB, Keyword Clustering


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