Organisation: News Agency of Nigeria (Abuja) (Nigeria)

Publication Date: 03/11/2017


weVVFcare is an application designed to create awareness on the prevalence of Vesicovaginal Fistula, an ailment that affects women in Nigeria. VVF is a preventable condition that plagues a lot of women in Nigeria. many of whom are suffering in silence, stigmatised and are unaware of treatment facilities and opportunities. VVF treatment is usually by surgery and is very expensive for rural women who are the major victims of the ailment. With this application, we help women with VVF get linked to treatment facilities. We aim to create awareness so that people who live around such patients can call the attention of care givers to the patients. The application will also look at the level of government intervention with a view to pointing out the inefficiencies in health care delivery for VVF patients. Religious and traditional rulers are to also know their role in sensitising the people to the ways of preventing VVF

Technologies used for this project:

Python, Java


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