What Are You Smoking?

What Are You Smoking?

Organisation: The Times of India (India)

Publication Date: 04/22/2017


This is a prototype of a progressive web app where you can log your health symptoms while keeping an eye on an AQI monitor. The AQI monitor is updated real-time on the hour, sourcing data for 33 cities from the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB). The physical symptoms -- like cough, headaches etc that you log become part of a public database (reset weekly) where you can see how many others in your city are experiencing the same symptoms as you. We also have a little quiz. Here, given your current lifestyle and the AQI levels of where you live, you can calculate how many years of your life pollution is robbing you of. Both the symptom logger and the quiz are embeddable iframes. The symptom logger can be used to crowdsource data for an article or blog. Else, within "analyst view" one can extract the data on the rise in reported symptoms as a function of AQI for a defined date range. The quiz will work well as an embed within stories on rising pollution, respiratory diseases, waste burning, etc. It will help readers relate better with the larger issue of pollution and see how much they have at stake. Other embeddables include the AQI monitor and a graph showing levels of individual pollutants.

Technologies used for this project:

Frontend: HTML, CSS, Javascript Backend: Python + Linux + Redis + SQL Methodology: A cronjob runs every hour to scrape the latest pollution data from Central Pollution Control Board. Then, we use Python to parse the data and collect responses from the front end. Data is stored in Redis and SQL.
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