What do they vote?

What do they vote?

Organisation: El Mundo (Spain)

Publication Date: 03/04/2017


What is decided in Congress and the Senate affects all citizens directly in their day to day. The information offered by the institutions isn’t very accessible and is hard for the citizens. Therefore we propose an application that shows in a friendly the most relevant information about what is voted by the politicians. Our project pretends to empower the generation Z and bring them closer to the world of politics, taking their interests into account. We use gamification techniques and social uses for the application. In addition, we allow the download of the data in open formats.

Technologies used for this project:

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, Material Design We use a drive sheet or excel document that can be downloaded in a csv. Most of the information comes directly from the Congress website. We extract it with php and process the information to get a json and a csv file. Then, the journalist can complete the information adding the categorization, a readable title, and the main keys that will show the principal information page. In addition, it exists the possibility of adding another column to insert a more text that explains the content, giving context.
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